Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Wedding Diary #3 - VENUE

Soooo... you have been asked the big question Or asked the question yourself you have a beautiful new(or old) engagement ring and are now starting to make plans for the big day!!!  

I personally am not a big fan of the big, plain white marquees or big hotel weddings as I think they can all seem a bit samey and your memories blend into one.  So here are some more unusual and unique WEDDING VENUE ideas for that special day.

I recently went to a wonderful wedding in a Papa Kata bell tent which was amazing, so different and full of character!  Papa Kata specialise in hiring out Kåta tents for parties, weddings, festivals and events - teepee style tents pioneered by the Sami people of Lapland. They're utterly gorgeous, and make for a very different sort of party space than a run-of-the-mill marquee.

We hung bunting and fairy lights to decorate and there was a huge fire pit in the centre to keep everyone warm

How about an outdoors wedding with wonderful sea views?  I would love to get married at Scarborough Spa in the famous sun court (featured in the film "little voice")

Vicki & Matt Stephenson's summer 2011 wedding at The Spa was recently featured on the website, please click here for a wonderful insight into the perfect wedding day at The Spa.

I have always dreamed of getting married in a castle!  Castle weddings are becoming more popular and there are plenty to choose from in England, Scotland and Wales.

Allerton Castle is a grand venue sure to to impress and inspire your guests, perfect for weddings, private parties and corporate events. Located on the outskirts of Harrogate in North Yorkshire, this magnificent 18th Century gothic castle is surrounded by 200 acres of breathtaking parkland and tranquil formal gardens and is the ancestral home of the Lord Mowbray, Segrave and Stourton.

Tullibole Castle in Scotland is a lovely, smaller wedding venue

These ideas are all very grand, if, like most of us you have less cash to splash these days how about hiring a local village/church hall/scout hut.  This gives you a blank canvas to decorate however you like at a fraction of the cost, here are some lovely examples...

OR how about a lovely barn wedding!  Slip your local farmer a few quid and give your wedding a real rustic country feel...

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