Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Wedding Diary #2 - RINGS

Soooo... you have been asked the big question Or asked the question yourself and hopefully have a lovely new, or vintage ring... or you maybe still have a ring to buy... are some lovely vintage style engagement rings, ranging from very affordable to just a dream...

I just love the simplicity of this ring which looks almost handmade, it has a 1 carat, rose cut diamond and you can purchase from Sarah Perlis for $6,300 (just over £4,000)

Going a little more detailed now, this has a 0.12 carat diamond.  I love the delicateness of this ring from rust for £1995

I really like this unusual hexagonal setting for this half carat diamond from twist.  It has a hefty price tag of $7120 (£4554)

Here are some more lovely vintage style rings, unfortunately I can't find the original sources or prices for these images, but enjoy anyway...

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