Friday, 10 May 2013

★ Advintageous fair ★

One of my favourite things to do, like EVER is looking around local charity shops, car boot sales and auction houses trying to find little vintage treasures.  It is rare that I will walk out of one of these places empty handed!  

I recently visited The AdVintageous fair in Scarborough, it was packed full of stalls selling everything from vintage clothes, jewellery and bags to old photos, books and suitcases!  I was in heaven! 

Here area few of my pictures taken at the fair...

Lots of colourful, patterned vintage dresses!

Lovely battered old suitcases

Mickey Ramsbottom & the Alka Seltzers

I couldn't resist the penguin books and bought five!

The next Advintageous fair is at Bridlington Spa Sunday 26th May, it's well worth a visit! 

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