Monday, 5 November 2012


Welcome to my new blog feature "Make it" Monday where I will be featuring a weekly DIY project.  I LOVE making things and in this feature I will be showing you how to make gifts for friends, fashion items, gifts for children, for the home and much more.

Due to the current financial climate it makes sense to try to save money by making gifts, cards, homewares and with each project I will be revealing how much it costs to make, I think you'll be surprised how much you could save.

The projects range in the time it takes to complete.  I am starting with an easy 10 minute make, there are also 30 minute makes, 100 minute makes and Weekend makes.

#FASHION - Vintage Bow Brooch

These Pretty bow brooches can be worn to liven up any outfit or bag, they would make great gifts for friends.  They only cost 21p(34cents) to make!  Find details of prices and stockists here.  You could add a hair grip instead of brooch pin and wear it in your hair, very vintage darling. x

For this project you will need...

Felt  (21 x 3cm & 6 x 2cm)
Lace  (21cm)
Brooch pin
glue (glue gun shown but all purpose is fine)

Lay the lace over the longer felt piece and fold around so it overlaps itself by approx 2cm, I didn't but you can put a blob of glue here to secure before the next step...

...then fold the felt and lace in half longways and wrap the smaller piece of felt around the centre and put a blob of glue (where my thumbnail is) to secure... 

...then glue the brooch pin on...

...and voila!!!  You have your very own Vintage bow brooch.

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