Wednesday, 31 October 2012

♥ WEDDING WEDNESDAY - Bridesmaids ♥

Wedding Diary #4 - Bridesmaids

So everyone knows that you are getting married, all your closest girlfriends will be being extra nice to you hoping they may be one of the lucky ones to get picked to be a special part of your big day by being a bridesmaid.  How do you choose? How many bridesmaids should you have? Family? Friends?

Only you can answer these questions.  It is hard to choose as you don't want to hurt anyones' feelings.  One way is to ask friends to make a reading or be a witness instead.

When you have decided here are a few really cute ways of asking...

Bold, simple and to the point cards...

 Beautiful, with a personal touch and also a vintage keepsake.
You can buy this handkerchief from here

Love this idea, it's clever, fun and sooo pretty.
DIY guide here

Cute boxes full of goodies and info for the big day...

May have to copy this one as I will be 'Super obsessed' when the time comes 
 here is a 'lookbook' to give to your girlies including styles, colours etc.

A tiny bridesmaid invite inside this gorgeous charm ring

I will be featuring Bridesmaids dresses and gift ideas at a later date.

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